To help you make the very most of life, Europ Assistance cares for you and your loved ones on a daily basis.


Home & Family

Europ Assistance invents the home services of the future   

Society is changing. In an urban world increasingly on the move, where we have to juggle between work, travel and family life, ultra-responsive local services are becoming essential. This is why the Europ Assistance Group is inventing the home services of the future, with offers encompassing prevention and personalised assistance to ensure your everyday peace of mind, so that you can devote your free time to your loved ones and leisure activities. 


Daily care

Care Services are a new generation of innovative personalised services that support you in all of life’s circumstances on an occasional or on-going basis.

Child care, tutoring, loss of key guarantees, home support aid for the elderly and dependent, repairs of boilers or large appliances and legal assistance are just some of our personalised, on-the-spot,  innovative home services. In this way, we watch over your family and your home, and simplify daily life for you.