Care Services are at your side on the road, ensuring that you are comfortable and can stay on the move.



A transformation in the relationship with the car  …

A change is coming about in people's use of the car and their relationship with it. Today we are seeing a boom in vehicles that consume and pollute less, and the car is increasingly considered as a service. Drivers expect their car brand to win their loyalty and provide them with a package of assistance services. 


… involving a change in the services on offer

For Europ Assistance, automobile assistance is focused on the driver and passengers, not just on your vehicle.

With Care Services, we are on hand to watch over you and your car when you’re on the road. And we can instantly activate an outstanding service network to help you. To ensure your safety and well-being, whatever the situation.

We also offer "concierge" services available by phone to make your trips easier, which includes show, restaurant and hotel reservations.     


Guaranteed mobility in every situations

Our automobile assistance helps you in case of an accident, breakdown, fire, theft and lost keys and provides reactive, personalized solutions.

To resolve your incident and simplify everyday life, we provide replacement vehicles, fix up accommodation for you and your family, and reimburse parking, taxi and telephone costs. We also provide for your vehicle to be taken in hand, organising its geolocation, repairs and the replacement of faulty parts.