A new generation of personal assistance services to provide support and assistance to you in all of life's circumstances.


Care Services

Because your needs are changing…

Your needs are changing. Today you want to make the most of your private and family life, plan for the future, and focus on the essentials of health, home, driving around, and travel. To meet these needs, Europ Assistance has created Care Services, to guarantee you comfort, peace of mind and support in every situation and at all times, and thus improve your quality of life.

… we have created new care services.

With its Care Services, Europ Assistance provides a new approach to assistance to meet your specific needs. We provide personalised solutions to your problems in daily life and exceptional situations alike. We also make a commitment to prevention, to ensure your well-being on a permanent basis.

Personalised assistance…

Do you need daily help to make your private, family and professional life more tranquil and fluid? Care Services meet this need. Europ Assistance gives you attentive support with a human touch, drawing on the extraordinary potential of new technologies. To provide you with the quickest, most efficient solutions in all circumstances.

… at any time, to anybody.

Through its four business lines (Automobile, Travel, Family & Home and Health), Europ Assistance is committed to being there for you at all times in your life. While you are travelling, on the road or at home, Care Services make life simpler, safer and more human. Today we are making every effort to ensure that Care Services are accessible to everyone.